Thursday, March 29, 2007

Colorado Voter Group publishes public BLOG

The Colorado Voter Group is a private sector entity that is working to improve the Colorado election system.

This BLOG is used to communicate with the public.

Membership in the group itself is by invitation only. We are assembling a team of people with technical expertise and election experience that works well together.

The group has established two projects. Each project is working to understand the needs and wishes of voters and contestants.

Public oversight and official accountability
The oversight and accountability project focuses on independent oversight and official accountability. The scope of the effort will be determined by the project. The oversight and accountability project's allegiance is to voters and contestants, as contrasted with election officials and equipment suppliers.

This technical project focuses on all technical aspects of the election process. The scope of the effort will include districting, voter registration and eligibility, candidate eligibility, voting, counting, reporting, auditing and canvassing, standards, and certification. The technical project will establish goals and objectives for the system and its components, and they will evaluate the work of others. It will not design or develop voting systems.
The public is encouraged use this BLOG to communicate with the Colorado Voter Group.