Thursday, June 19, 2008

More about forbidden secret ballots

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From: Hall, Hillary [Boulder County Clerk & Recorder]
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 9:05 AM
To: Al Kolwicz [Trustee Colorado Voter Group]
Cc: 'Colorado Voter Group'; CFVI; Paper TigersSubject:
RE: Anonymous ballots

Al and everyone,

So here is the longer answer that I was unable to write to you the first time. We may be able to run the primary with out bar codes, not sure and haven't had time to test. We can not run the general with out the bar codes as it will be a two page ballot and ballots must be in page order. I will not be changing processes from the primary to the general. Do I want to find a way to get the bar codes off the ballot and make sure we have a reliable election yes, will the bar codes be removed this year no. I did not pick this system and I must make the best of it that I can. The long term solution is to either work with the vendor to change the system or look at a new system. All of these are issues for the 2009 year. When we have time to experiment and properly test any changes in process that may give us all the outcomes we want. We are not only heading into the largest election ever, we are also going to be using a new voter registration system. My first priority is to insure that the election both primary and general run smoothly. Changing processes between elections with no time to test out the new methods if it they are even viable is not the best way to ensure for a successful election.


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From: Al Kolwicz [Trustee Colorado Voter Group]
Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 9:31 AM
To: 'Hall, Hillary' [Boulder County Clerk & Recorder]
Cc: 'Colorado Voter Group'; CFVI; Paper Tigers;'Bev Harris'
Subject: RE: Anonymous ballots

Ms. Hall,

The Secretary of State’s certification process did not report that the HART system is unable to comply with Colorado law regarding anonymous ballots.

To our knowledge, there is no documented exception or condition describing such a defect.

When we directly asked HART about this, on the record and in front of the Secretary of State’s personnel, HART made no exceptions when they testified that the system works without unique serial numbers. In fact, HART indicated that this is the way that the system is usually used.

We must assume that you have been misinformed, or we have been misinformed.

If it is true that the HART system cannot comply with Colorado’s laws regarding secret ballots, the system was improperly certified and must be immediately removed from the certified equipment list.

Al Kolwicz
Colorado Voter Group

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