Tuesday, July 01, 2008

SCORE Voter Files are incorrect and insufficient.

From: Al Kolwicz
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 7:57 AM
To: Hillary Hall [Boulder County Clerk & Recorder]
Cc: Carlos Webb; Canvass Board Group; SOS Mike Coffman ; 'Richard Coolidge'
Subject: SCORE Voter Files are incorrect and insufficient.

Dear Ms. Hall,

We have completed a very preliminary analysis of the SCORE voter files dated June 23rd.

The Voter Registration file contains:
  • Non-citizens.
  • People registered in invalid precincts.
  • A suspiciously small number of 2008 Primary Election mail-in voters. We know of at least one voter who is not marked as a non-permanent mail in voter.
There are no place-markers for CONFIDENTIAL voters, so it will be impossible to accurately verify election results for the Canvass.

There is no DATE associated with the PERMANENT MAIL-IN FLAG.

Key information is not included in the file. For example, there is no indicator for “1st time voter who registered by mail” This will limit the effectiveness of poll watchers.

The Voter History files are:
Attached is a summary analysis of the Vote History data.
  • There is no indicator showing that a voter’s ballot was REJECTED and its VOTES NOT COUNTED.
  • You can easily see the poor quality of the terminology used in the fields. Inconsistent, redundant, and unintelligible.
  • The counts indicate that there are a massive number of missing records.
    1. It appears that there are no records for voters that voted in prior elections, but are no longer on the current registration file.
    2. There are records in the Voter Registration file that are not present in the Vote History Details file.
    3. The are records in the Vote History Details file that are not present in the Voter Registration file.
  • Detail records do not indicate the precinct number of the voter when the vote was recorded.
  • Detail records contain invalid METHOD OF VOTING.
Obviously, this brief review of the files is incomplete. The fact that there are so many issues at this late date is very disturbing.

Will you please e-mail the entity relationship diagram and the field specifications? We want to see what data are available so that we can formulate a request for a more complete voter file.

Also, we have had a number of discussions with you regarding the frequency of update and the electronic delivery of this data to the political party organizations. We hope that you will implement our requests.

Al Kolwicz
Canvass Board Member
Boulder County Republican Party

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