Thursday, May 03, 2007

Colorado Department of State --- secretive, arbitrary and anti-scientific.

Colorado Department of State is secretive, arbitrary and anti-scientific.

The Colorado Department of State has chosen to operate in a secretive, arbitrary and anti-scientific manner. This has cost the department highly valuable voluntary contributions of many experts who have shown their interest in election quality. It has cost the voters of Colorado a trustworthy election system. Examples of this assertion include:

  • Many problem and suggestion documents have been submitted to the Department of State and have gone unanswered. (Some of these documents have received non-responsive responses.)

  • The Department of State consistently refuses to engage in open conversation and debate regarding election system issues. (This refusal is one-sided and unfair. It is used to exclude voting system quality advocates, but does not exclude County Clerks, election officials, and hand picked people.)
It is hoped that the Department of State will discontinue its practice of exclusion, and replace it with a policy that will lead to trustworthy elections. This requires that election processes be held to uniform standards and metrics, and that every element of the election system be secure, accurate, verifiable, anonymous, accessible, transparent, and accountable.

To listen to the hearing where this assertion was presented, go so Department of State Audio and listen to the May 1st hearing.

Click to read specific critiques of the Proposed Rules and Regulatory Analysis.

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