Thursday, May 03, 2007

Disallow HART Certification

Mike Coffman By FAX: 303 869 4860
Colorado Secretary of State
1700 Broadway, Suite 270
Denver, CO 80290

May 3, 2007

RE: Voting System Demonstration – May 2, 2007

Dear Mr. Coffman:

You have a problem in your elections office that requires your immediate attention. Yesterday’s voting system demonstration was mind-numbing, irrelevant, and unbelievably poorly organized.
  • The presentation did not address the topics required by election rule 45.
  • The vendor and the elections division staff representatives were unable or unwilling to answer questions. I was essentially disallowed from even asking relevant questions.
  • The public was rudely treated. They could not see, could not hear, and could not speak – even to ask for inaudible utterances to be repeated – and was forced to endure six hours of inaudible presentation in order to ask questions that were not answered.
You have stated that transparency is one of your key goals. I want you to know, in no uncertain terms; yesterday’s demonstration was a total failure in this regard.

I for one am highly offended by what happened yesterday. There were four video cameras running during the demonstration. The public was seated well behind the cameras. You might wish to review the tapes so you can make your own assessment.

There are at least two more demonstrations scheduled. I hope that you will take immediate action to (a) disallow the HART application from proceeding to functional testing, and (b) ensure that the remaining demonstrations comply with the rule, are transparent, and are friendlier to the public.

In addition, we were aghast to learn that ITA testing will not be conducted for this certification.

Al Kolwicz
CAMBER – Citizens for Accurate Mail Ballot Election Results
2867 Tincup Circle
Boulder, CO 80305

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